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Diamonds are renowned as the hardest gemstone, however sapphires are close behind in terms of durability making them a much sought-after alternative for jewellery pieces that can be worn and adored daily such as engagement rings, statement dress rings, pendants and earrings.

Sapphires are incredibly vibrant and are found in an extensive range of colours. We love pastel coloured sapphires at A.G, including blush pink, blue-grey, and the highly sought after peach and apricot hues. We’re also long-term admirers of the deep blue Ceylon sapphires and darker coloured Australian sapphires, as well as Padpardscha sapphires in soft pink and orange shades.

Each sapphire entering the A.G workshop is ethically sourced and carefully hand-picked to ensure superior quality. We have a wide range of sapphire pieces in-store and also source the finest loose sapphires from across the world on request.

We’d be honoured to help you select and showcase the perfect sapphire for you or your loved one.

Experience the A.G difference.

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