09 Feb '22

The story behind the name is a fun one. 

How the tennis bracelet became an icon

The tennis bracelet is an enduring symbol of elegance. The simple row of white diamonds set into a flexible, thin bracelet has been admired since the 1920s when chic women would wear these stunning bracelets stacked up on their wrists. Yet back in the Gatsby era, the tennis bracelet we know and love went by a different name. The story behind the name is a fun one. 

Originally known as eternity bracelets, they became better known by their modern name when a highly accomplished tennis player from the USA lost her diamond eternity bracelet during an intense match. 

Grand Slam champion Chris Evert was renowned as one of the most stylish women in sport, and often wore fine jewellery while playing tennis, including a delicate diamond bracelet. The simple piece made a striking addition to Evert’s already-chic tennis outfits however it wasn’t until Evert’s match during the 1978 US Open that people really began to take note of the subtle, yet sophisticated accessory. 

During the match the clasp of Evert’s diamond and gold bracelet broke, and the bracelet flew off her wrist. Evert called for the game to be paused while she retrieved it. It was hard to ignore the elegant diamond bracelet that had managed to pause the US Open. Rest assured, since Evert’s memorable moment, the strength and design of tennis bracelet clasps has greatly improved. Women around the world have loved the tennis bracelet ever since.

chris evert

Tennis bracelets have stood the test of time as a classic yet stylish and practical jewellery staple. You don’t have to play tennis to wear a tennis bracelet; these diamond bracelets look stunning no matter what you’re doing. Diamond tennis bracelets work with any outfit and can be worn to elegant occasions, during the day with a more casual outfit, as well as when you’re doing something athletic but still want to look polished.

Tennis bracelets are comfortable to wear and come in a range of carat weights and setting styles. A.G diamond tennis bracelets are either claw set, semi-bezel or bezel set in 18ct white, yellow or rose gold and available at a range of price points.

These bracelets look fabulous on their own or layered alongside other fine bracelets or a watch. Their versatility is one of their greatest traits, making a tennis bracelet a fabulous and much-loved gift option. You can be confident the recipient will love a beautiful A.G tennis bracelet and wear it often.