23 Sep '21

Adored for their exquisite beauty, origin and rarity, pink diamonds are the world’s most sought-after diamond. Unlike white diamonds, which are prized for their lack of colour and clear appearance, pink diamonds are highly-coveted for their rosy hues.

Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine

Pink diamonds have delighted and inspired collectors and jewellers across the globe since they were discovered. In recent years the allure of pink diamonds has further intensified and the opportunity to invest in an Australian pink diamond is now more exclusive than ever following the closure of the world’s largest pink diamond producer, the Argyle Diamond Mine, in late 2020 after almost 40 years of operation.

Unearthing these prized gems is an incredible challenge in terms of scale and complexity, taking approximately one year from the moment a rough pink diamond was unearthed until it was offered to the market as a polished, certified stone. The Argyle Diamond Mine produced close to 90% of the world’s supply, however pink diamonds accounted for just 0.1% of the total diamond production of the mine, highlighting the extreme rarity of these treasures.

The distinctiveness, scarcity and finite nature of pink diamonds determines their value in much the same way as fine art. As awareness of their rarity deepens, the desire to own pink diamonds from the Argyle mine is increasing, with collectors and jewellery connoisseurs acquiring these truly magnificent gems for their personal holdings and to feature in bespoke jewellery pieces.

A.G has an exclusive collection of pink diamonds from the Argyle mine available for private viewing and purchase. The A.G team has significant experience in sourcing certified pink diamonds from the Argyle mine and creating bespoke jewellery featuring these remarkable collectables, and is honoured to assist our clients in acquiring these special pink diamonds for investment or to transform custom-made pieces.

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